This internet station was put on the air February 12th, 2011. We are dedicated to providing the best rock & alternative music available. The Fox is powered by primcast and is not new by name.  The Fox was once a terrestrial radio station years ago in a small town in Woodward, Oklahoma until it went dark December 1st, 1995 to never again reenter the terrestrial airways.  

Although this station no longer has a Frequency, it doesn't' keep us from Rocking Woodward and the World!  Years later, it has been reborn to provide the best in Rock and Roll past to present!

Although The Fox is a non-profit Digital Broadcast, we have expenses (Website, Music Purchases, etc) like everyone else.  If you like what you hear, please donate.  Even a $1 can help.



I want to personally thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy our programming.  

Sean Fox - Owner/Operator

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